Earth Day Author

Earth Day Author

Happy Earth Day 2021 everyone! Do something good for your planet today. Pick up trash, plant a pollinator garden, support sustainable living through your purchases, and educate yourself and your children about the consequences of climate change. Today An Angry Earth is just $0.99 for the Kindle version and remains a steal at #11.99 for the paperback.

This fully illustrated picture book has been well received by audiences who understand that fighting against climate change before it’s too late is imperative. For yourselves and your children, plant a tree, stop using pesticides and recycle.

Gorgeously written and illustrated. I love the myth-like tone, which offers children a bit of distance from a scary subject. Kudos to the author for striking just the right note. Highly recommended.

P. Berinstein

Pick up the controversial picture book banned in Australia today to celebrate your support for the only planet any of us will live on!

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