Cyber Monday Books!

Cyber Monday Books!

Listen, I’m the last person to encourage anyone to go out and buy the stuff you don’t need. I fully embrace the mantra: It’s not a deal if you don’t need it. That being said, everyone needs books.

It just so happens that I write books and they’re for sale – so you’re in luck! They also come in Kindle versions which don’t take up any space (so you won’t be called a hoarder by friends and family) save the digital space in your e-reader.

Seriously though, as a multi-genre author, I have plenty of variety to offer the interested reader. From educational kids books to Realistic fiction, Sci-fi, dystopian fiction, young adult fantasy, and so on. The thing is, I tend to get tired of a genre (also visible in my reading choices) and move on to pursue another genre for my next book or series. I could be classified as a Multipotentialite… not just as n author either. In much of my life’s pursuits. But enough about me!

Cyber Monday… My books can be found on Amazon, where you’ll likely find them marked down even more than their already low, low… really, very low prices. But I do this to encourage readers and continue to create my ever-increasing audience.

Have a look. You may realize you’re one of my people. It’s happened before.

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