Rebirth, the 2nd book in The Judas Syndrome series – Reviewed

January, 8th 2011

By: Andrea Kraus

An evolution of story and storytelling

I recently read The Judas Syndrome and decided to see where the author took me on the next installment of his post-apocalyptic journey. I was not disappointed, and saw a growth and evolution not only stylistically, but also in the themes of the story. As in his previous work, the story is most definitely character driven and uses the post-apocalyptic setting as the vehicle by which we get to know both the corporeal and non-corporeal participants in this story.

Rebirth is told from Sara’s point of view – she survives an apocalypse, and has experiences no 19 year old woman should be expected to endure. It spans from the end of The Judas Syndrome and moves on 9 years into the future, exploring many spiritual and emotional topics amid the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic modern culture. Sara has to learn how to fend for herself and her newborn son, and has to re-evaluate everything she knows about herself, the world she lives in and the world she cannot see. The paranormal themes are far more apparent in this installment than in the author’s previous book.

Although this book doesn’t shy away from a bit of profanity and adult themes, is not as raw as its predecessor. Like Sara, it is a gentler telling of the story – although no less gritty and courageous. This is a good story for those who prefer their post-apocalyptica to be woven through with other genres, such as the paranormal and spirituality. As with his other work, I find Rebirth to be an enjoyable read which flows nicely and is easy to read.

For where to purchase the book, Rebirth, visit the website.

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