New review for The Judas Syndrome – Apocalyptic fiction, Future Fiction

New review for The Judas Syndrome
January 8, 2011

by: Andrea Kraus

The Judas Syndrome
Fun read, interesting character development

Post apocalyptic fiction isn’t normally my go-to genre, but this story goes beyond the simple plotline of “what happens after the bomb”. If you enjoyed Stephen King’s “The Stand”, the movies “Stand by Me” and “Band of Brothers”, and appreciate strong character interactions, this little gem is worth your time. The Judas Syndrome is a story of a group of stranded teenagers who find themselves struggling to survive in a world destroyed by a madman’s ideology. They’re guided by nothing more than their wits and a little bit of supernatural intervention.

The author has a good writing style and is very eloquent – you can tell that he has stepped into the protagonist’s shoes and is actually experiencing the story as it unfolds. He allows the complex interactions of the characters to drive the story, rather than rely solely on external circumstances. In other words, it’s all about the characters, not about the situation.

The astute reader may recognize subtle quasi-religious sub-themes which surface now and again without being overt or overshadow the storyline. I will admit that initially I was a bit disconcerted to imagine a bunch of 17 year old stoners speaking with the level of maturity and insight in this story, but as the tale unfolds, it is less of an issue and even becomes somewhat plausible. Or maybe I give teenagers more intellectual credit than I should. /shrug All in all, this was a fun book to read, and I found it highly enjoyable.

Please be aware that although the main characters in this book are teenagers, this story is definitely written for the adult reader. If you are comfortable with strong language, characters who engage in copious drug use, and mature themes, this story is a good value.

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