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NEWS: New contemporary fiction novel releasing June22nd, 2021. The Blind Affect.
Blind Affect: to have no knowledge of the impact your action(s) had on a person, place, thing or event.

Had I considered becoming an author? Early on, yes. I wrote and bound my own books with needle and thread, glue and staples as a child. I’d always written in those days, often pairing with it my love of visual arts by illustrating each book. I created my own superhero universe and made dozens of comic books. Then,  the writing took a backseat as I decided to focus on the visual arts.

In high school I became interested in the great impressionists, not the least of which were The Group of Seven; a compilation of Canada’s greatest talents at the turn of the 20th century. They still inspire me; a wave of inexplicable creativity envelopes me when in the presence of their paintings. Being Canadian myself, I am drawn to the wild place they portrayed; an avid outdoors enthusiast, I kayak, hike, mountain bike and appreciate nature in every season.

I graduated Sheridan College’s Interpretive Illustration course, worked as a bartender for many years as I tried to cut it in the freelance world. Nothing seemed to stick. Then writing returned with a vengeance. A manuscript I presented to a new friend who had been traditionally published came back to me edited and in book form. Self-published! The idea that I could be a writer became a serious consideration, if not a reality.

I reworked the novel, taught myself the processes behind self-publishing and submitted the book to Amazon with great expectations. This was 2009 and eBooks were relatively new. I was able to find my audience and decided to write two more books in the series, completing a trilogy. This happened quickly, and I was rewarded with a number of reviews, good and bad, but word was getting out.

When my marketing couldn’t keep the momentum up I realized a new book, and then another. My personal life was in a shambles and I was writing in part for my own sanity. More books came and I continued to self-publish – skipping the rejection letters I’d received earlier on in my burgeoning career.

By 2021 I’ll have published 13 books ranging in genres, with two trilogies, a series, and many standalone books. It has been my absolute joy to rediscover the love of writing. To revisit those childhood freedoms where you can do anything and be anyone. I’ve also merged my love of visual arts with writing again; including illustrations into a few of my books.

Discovering your purpose is a massive step in realizing your best life. Gifting myself the right to be an author has afforded me incredible growth as an artist and as a human being. I write with renewed devotion to offer stories that inspire and entertain; stories with depth of emotion and original plots.

I’m truly grateful to those who have helped me realize my childhood dream of becoming an author from editors, to beta readers right up the ranks to those of you willing to read my books. It’s been an enlightening journey, and one I’m far from done with, to experience the endless stories which present themselves from the ether. The more you write, the more you’re gifted to write. I believe anyone who wants to be a writer can be a writer if they do the work and love the process. We all have a story in us, and from my experience, the more stories you tell, the more you’re bound to discover.

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