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Michael Poeltl - Author
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I found it very hard to put down. The characters were so believable. I felt ... as if I was in the book myself. - The Blind Affect

"A beautiful book dealing with a terrifying subject. Gorgeously written and illustrated. - An Angry Earth

Paula BerinsteinGoodreads Author/Reviewer

Impossible to put down. - The Blind Affect

"This book was so good and well written. It's one of those books that really makes you stop and think about life." - The Blind Affect

TinaGoodreads Reviewer

“A powerful literary take, at once intense and poignant... Poeltl’s writing is emotionally intense and assured, the pacing expert. Finely crafted and alive, the novel makes for a knockout.” - The Blind Affect

This was a fascinating book. I was very surprised at how the three lives interacted at the end. I loved the way the author used popular songs to set the mood and the time frame. - The Blind Affect

ErinGoodreads Reviewer

While the characters had tragic stories, they were well written, and I cared about them and wanted them to overcome their obstacles. - The Blind Affect

TomGoodreads Reviewer

The storyline was very captivating and kept me wanting to read more. - A.I. Insurrection, Armageddon

P.Miller- Amazon Reviewer

This is the third book in the series. I would say it was the best of the three. It kept me on the edge of my seat, never wanting to put the book down. - A.I. Insurrection, Exodus

P.MillerAmazon Reviewer

A tale of triumph over trauma, (with) a fantastic twist. The three character's stories come together in the most serendipitous way. - The Blind Affect

Susie Helmereedsy reviewer

... Poeltl does what a good writer does - he doesn't tell us, he shows us the lives of these characters... It's a timely story. Catherine - The Blind Affect

CatherineGoodreads Reviewer

A sometimes disturbing but always profound look at three characters whose lives take on haunting courses...
Rose - The Blind Affect

RoseGoodreads Reviewer

"Gorgeously written and illustrated. I love the myth-like tone, which offers children a bit of distance from a scary subject. Kudos to the author for striking just the right note. Highly recommended. - An Angry Earth

"A great resource to use with kids who are old enough to understand the concept of cause and effect. Would make a great Earth Day read for schools as well. - An Angry Earth

The author has a clear and lucid style that takes the reader from one vivid situation to another... The Judas Syndrome

... an interesting look into a possible and all too real future... The Judas Syndrome

I had trouble putting it down the first night and finished it in one day... The Judas Syndrome

It's a compelling read, heartbreaking, but emotionally very, very real... The Judas Syndrome

I am eager to read more.,, The Judas Syndrome

As someone who writes myself, I can honestly say I'm jealous over that ending. I wish I'd written it... The Judas Syndrome

Everyone should probably keep an eye out for more by this author. Rebirth Book Two of The Judas Syndrome

It grabs your attention and pulls you in with misery and wonder, till you're desperate to know what's next. Rebirth Book Two of The Judas Syndrome

The supernatural themes lightly touched on in the first book have become prominent and are well woven into the story. Rebirth Book Two of The Judas Syndrome

Great PA (Post Apocalyptic) book, I cannot wait for number 3. Rebirth Book Two of The Judas Syndrome

[West of Noreaso] definitely one of the most interesting children books I've read in a while! My nieces and I can't wait to see if they go on any new adventures! West of Noreaso

This book caught my attention as I love anything to do with superstitions, so it definitely seemed to be a perfect book for me. Having now read it, I’m not disappointed. West of Noreaso

This book will blow you away with it's profound, yet simplistic message that science and spirituality are intrinsically linked. I have shared this with my 5 year old daughter and love the reaction I'm getting! Hello ME - If a Tree Falls in the Forest...

The author does a wonderful job explaining and illustrating how spirituality and science are complimentary to each other. This series will certainly help stimulate discussions between children, their parents and siblings on this topic. Hello Me - If a Tree Falls in the Forest

This book will keep you wondering about everything you've ever dreamed of!! Literally. Very well written. I can't wait to read about what he comes up with next! Her Past's Present

This is a terrific novel! It is very well written and moves right along with a gripping story line and several plot twists. Her Past's Present

[Her Past's Preset] will encourage you to take another look at life, and your everyday decisions and choices. Highly recommended! Her Past Present

This author leads you ever so slowly and subtly deeper into the well plotted story... I felt this book was very psychological. Her Past's Present

This book captured my attention almost immediately. I couldn't put it down. Loved the story. Still has me thinking about it. Her Past's Present

I really enjoyed the AI hosts and Chimera technologies of the future. It actually felt futuristic and attainable.
And Allfather. What a guy. Seriously. Wow so glad AI has not advanced to that. But still what an awesome Villain he was. Exodus Book Three of A.I. Insurrection

The pace of the story is rapid and unrelenting, with some surprises to keep up one's interest. I never got bored while reading this book. In all, a most satisfying few days' entertainment. Exodus Book Three of A.I. Insurrection

A.I. Insurrection is like watching a master’s level chess tournament.  Armageddon Book Two of A.I. Insurrection

An action-packed science-fiction series set in the near future of 2163, with religious intrigue and enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat. Armageddon Book Two of A.I. Insurrection

"Revelation" is the third and final installment in Michael Poeltl's acclaimed "Judas Syndrome" series. I've enjoyed all three books, and am intrigued to see what he applies himself to next. Revelation Book Three in The Judas Syndrome

I'd liken this story to The Wump World, which is one of my all time favourite books, and the one that made me an environmentalist before I could even spell the word. An Angry Earth

This book's a great introduction for children to the mess we are making of our world, it speaks to them in a sensible "adult" way with some brilliant pictures... An Angry Earth

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The Honest Author Reviews

The Honest Author Reviews

Hello again, Mike Poeltl here wearing my Honest Author hat again to share reviews of my books with you. Today I have only good news on that front. A new review for my children’s book, An Angry Earth. And another for my newest novel The Blind Affect. So, let’s get right into it. This five-star

The Honest Author Reviews
The Honest Author Reviews

Hello again, Mike Poeltl here wearing my Honest Author hat again to share reviews of my books with you. Today I have only good news on that front. A new review for my children’s book, An Angry Earth. And another for my newest novel The Blind Affect. So, let’s get right into it. This five-star

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The Honest Author on Youtube
The Honest Author on Youtube

It’s true, I’m on Youtube. I’m a booktuber. Have you heard of this? I’ve been reading reviews of my books there for a couple of years now, the good and the bad. Hence ‘The Honest Author‘ angle. I don’t shy away from the rough ones. I feel every review is worth reading. People leave them

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What’s Upmarket Fiction?
What’s Upmarket Fiction?

What is book club fiction? Upmarket fiction. What’s upmarket fiction? Commercial, literary fiction. Is commercial fiction a sellout? No, it’s sellable fiction. There’s a difference. It’s the sort of fiction people actually read. Literary fiction aspires more toward art than entertainment, but when it’s combined with commercial fiction, we call it upmarket fiction which in

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