World War Z. A review of the movie

I have to start by saying Zombies aren’t my go to apocalyptic genre. I prefer the human experience over the fantasy in that respect. You only have to read my trilogy, The Judas Syndrome to understand that. But a friend had read the book and was anxious to see how well the film studios would portray it. I agreed to go along as I’d heard many good reviews of the book.
It was definitely fast paced and the zombies were believable in that they had contracted a type of rabies. They were terrifying in how their numbers multiplied and how quickly a city could be ‘turned’ and overwhelm the populace. Reminded me of the Zombies from I am Legend.
I won’t ruin the experience for anyone reading this post, but I can say I was happy enough with the entertainment value for the $13 I spent on the Real D 3D.
But as apocalyptic films go, I think something like The Road is a much more terrifying possibility than battling Zombies. Humans have the potential to be much more aggressive when in survival mode and much more intelligent in how they go about it. It is the intellect that frightens me most in this genre, and the break down of morals and ethics.
If  you want the human experience then check out my trilogy and judge for yourself as society snaps in the face of starvation and a slow death.

Michael Poeltl

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