Waning Metaphorically

You know, short stories often get the short end of the stick where readers are concerned. Novels seem to be the prize, and flash fiction the ugly step-daughter. The short stories and oddities in Waning Metaphorically became their own entities, with no interest in drawing out their stories. They expressed what was required to get their point across and would not be coerced otherwise. For that I respect each and everyone of them. Sci-fi, apocalytpic fiction, realistic fiction and others share the pages of this collection. I know you’ll find your favourite.

Short Story collection
Imagine the number of stories a writer has inside them. Never mind the editor’s slush pile; author’s each suffer their own. I don’t mean to suggest we’re a bunch of word hoarders, but once a sentence or scene has been written, it’s a part of you, and not easily discarded. Speaking as one who often writes when struck with inspiration, these rogue scenes – more often than not – are unwelcome curiosities to whatever I am presently working on. All the same; I have to believe they were created for some purpose – and so: the pile.

Many of the stories within these pages are such refugees. At least, that’s how they’d begun their literary lives: a thought, a quote, a supposition. I knew the vast majority of my slush pile scenes and false starts wouldn’t sustain a novel length work, and as attention spans crumble and commutes grow longer, I realized that literary shorts play an important role for the reader. Besides, what could be more rewarding than a quick read? Instant gratification through story-telling.

Life is a Metaphor. A metaphor is a symbol. A symbol is a sign. Watch for the signs. Like all stories, they can be watered-down to act as metaphor or parables; but unlike parables, metaphors can be interpreted differently, depending on the subject. A waning metaphor therefore, only sustains resolve if a person decides to recognize it.

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