Why we LOVE this new Science Fiction Series

Why we LOVE this new Science Fiction Series

Looking for your next great Sci-fi trilogy to devour? Michael Poeltl’s A.I. Insurrection series offers a near-future (150 years) Utopia maintained by androids (Referred to as AI Hosts) built to satisfy manufacturing, policing and leisure activities for all humanity. But when sentience is discovered in the AI Hosts through a new race of people calling themselves Chimera, United Earth Military gets involved and a civil war breaks out. When the perpetrator is discovered to be an Alien AI bent on the destruction of all organic life, United Earth must fight back the invader. Then, as the UE prepares to travel to other star systems and colonize new worlds, a fresh hell is realized when they first venture into interstellar space and an old enemy thought destroyed appears.

Visit the series’ page on Goodreads for more reviews, descriptions and videos concerning the game-changing science fiction trilogy.

Pick up book one – The General’s War – and get started today!

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