Timely Pandemic Reads

Timely Pandemic Reads

THE BLIND AFFECT – Launches June 22, 2021

Poeltl does what a good writer does – he doesn’t tell us, he shows us the lives of these characters.

Goodreads Review

Has the pandemic left you feeling hollow? Can a book of fiction help you see things in a new light?

If an international quarantine, loss of jobs and loved ones has you asking yourself ‘what’s the point?’ when you can’t live your best life, perhaps The Blind Affect will answer that question for you. A new novel of upmarket, literary fiction by Michael Poeltl is his thirteenth book and comes right when we may need it most.

The nagging questions associated with this new sense of loss and the struggle which followed has wormed its way into society the moment March, 2020 announced itself in the form of a life-altering pandemic. Questions like what’s the point?, and what do I do now?, why me?, why now?, seem to permeate the ether, weighing us down with despair.

These questions are common enough in the old normal for many and produced similar epidemics of depression and loss of self-worth. The idea there is no longer any point to any of it is a sombre one and difficult to escape when support systems have collapsed and loved ones are unavailable. It’s a slippery slope of mental torture a much larger population from every walk of life is experiencing now.

So, the question, what’s the point?, is a valid one. Conceived before the pandemic arrived, The Blind Affect offers three perspectives on that question which find a common bond, offering answers to that and other questions surrounding the trials and triumphs of the modern world. Perhaps it will answer it for you as well.

In a world where lives are lived and lost ubiquitously; it’s what you do with them that count. Can a life be more than the sum of one’s own experiences? Do we have to look objectively through the eyes of others to fully understand our influence on the world around us?

A life without purpose is meaningless. Finding it is everything.

In 1960 Jonah entered the world on the heels of his stillborn twin brother; setting him up for a lifetime of disappointment.

In 1975 Severn was abducted into a life her thirteen-year-old self couldn’t comprehend.

In 1994 Darnell slipped free of his abusive father when a seemingly impossible opportunity revealed itself.

Are three people living in the same city along similar timelines destined to meet? When one event affects each person’s life in a meaningful way, does the universe conspire to bring them together or tear them apart?

Advanced Reviews on the book’s Goodreads page are saying:

Five Stars: “It’s a sometimes disturbing but always profound look at three characters whose lives take haunting courses, often beyond their control… if you’re willing to face these scenarios head on, ‘The Blind Affect’ will leave you with a lot to think about.”

Four Stars: “Poeltl does what a good writer does – he doesn’t tell us, he shows us the lives of these characters. He shows readers what trauma looks like and what is healing. It’s a timely story…”

The Blind Affect: to have no knowledge of the impact your action(s) had on a person, place, thing, or event.

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About the Author

Michael Poeltl is a multi-genre author who says, “Discovering your purpose is a massive step in realizing your best life. Gifting myself the right to be an author has afforded me incredible growth as an artist and as a human being. I write with renewed devotion to offer stories that inspire and entertain; stories with depth of emotion and original plots.”

Poeltl believes anyone who wants to be an author can be, if they write, and love the process. “We all have a story in us and from my experience, the more stories you tell, the more you’re bound to discover.”

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