The official cane of the apocalypse

I have seen the future, and it goes by the name: Hammercane.

If the buzz is right, and the apocalypse is upon us, or not, commemorate 2012 with the official cane of the end times. These handcrafted, hardcore, downright badass accessories will no doubt find themselves in the hands of many a survivor, should we find ourselves in social upheaval because of a predestined end.

I’m certainly not advocating you buy a Hammercane for the purposes of bludgeoning your enemy, you could do that with a hammer, but will you look as badass doing it?

The Hammercane was conceived by the unconventional mind of Scott Given, an Ontario native living and working out of his home in Southern Ontario.

Given has been experimenting in metal art for years after his graduation from the Ontario College of Art and Design. I personally have in my own collection a piece of his ‘shotgun’ art.

But I think he’s landed on something with Hammercane that will become a trending topic across multiple social media networks and explode onto the scene not unlike the axe art of Peter Buchanan Smith of Best made Co.

These marvelous canes can come in a variety of hammer heads, even incorporating a favorite grandfathers antique hammer head if you’re so inclined.  As Given says: “The Hammercane is only limited by your imagination (And his, which seems boundless!).”

The twisted chain shaft is now a signature piece in Given’s collection and selling fast. These canes are like a metal work installation you get to carry around on your person. Unlike other artistic ventures, the Hammercane can be personalized, inscribed, and made to suit varying heights and weights.

The Hammercane is Apocalypse Artin the truest sense. I’m getting one and I urge you all do the same. Your life, and your family’s lives might … just… depend on it!


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