The Honest Author Reviews

The Honest Author Reviews

Hello again, Mike Poeltl here wearing my Honest Author hat again to share reviews of my books with you. Today I have only good news on that front. A new review for my children’s book, An Angry Earth. And another for my newest novel The Blind Affect. So, let’s get right into it.

This five-star review by Paula Berinstein is for An Angry Earth. Paula reviewed the book on Goodreads. Paula is also the author of the Amanda Lester Detective series of children’s books. She says:

“A beautiful book dealing with a terrifying subject. Gorgeously written and illustrated.

I noticed that another reviewer commented that the book is too negative. I disagree. It takes being able to envision consequences to motivate a person to act. Those who cannot do so will do nothing. Only by looking ahead can we avert disaster.”

Paula Berinstein

So, I like what Paula said here about consequences. I think that’s a necessary narrative to put out there for those who will suffer the most from climate change. They need to revolutionize their world where we’ve failed them. A little fear is necessary sometimes.

My latest review for The Blind Affect comes from both Amazon and Goodreads as Nadine Younger reviewed the book on both platforms – which I always appreciate. Nadine’s four-star review admits “This was a hard book to get through; but impossible to put down.”

She titled the review “You have a reason” and goes on to say: “So many sad lives. So much hurt and pain and abuse…
At times I wondered, “why do I keep reading, these people’s lives are so depressing”, but I couldn’t stop.
Jonah endured so much and couldn’t catch a break – and then tried to self-destruct through addiction. Severn lived through such horrors – but she survived.

This was a hard book to get through; but impossible to put down.”

Nadine Younger

I love the title of this review because it sums up the book nicely. Everyone has a reason. I included a trigger warning to this book because of its difficult themes. But as Nadine mentioned, once you’re swept up into Jonah, Severn, and Darnell’s worlds, it’s impossible to escape them.

I’ll leave you with those two for today, if you have any interest in either they are available on Amazon and The Blind Affect is available on multiple platforms.

Thanks for listening, and happy reading.

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