The Honest Author on Youtube

The Honest Author on Youtube

It’s true, I’m on Youtube. I’m a booktuber. Have you heard of this? I’ve been reading reviews of my books there for a couple of years now, the good and the bad. Hence ‘The Honest Author‘ angle. I don’t shy away from the rough ones. I feel every review is worth reading. People leave them because they want to tell others about their experiences. Fair enough.

I’m pleased to announce I have many more moderate to great reviews then awful reviews, though I do have my share of those as well.

I also read from my books and try to have fun in the editing room adding relatable images animating the story. Sometimes I use comic relief through speech bubbles as my books talk back. Now you see what I see on your screen what I see in my head.

Youtube is a great resource if you have the wherewithal to put yourself out there and make videos to compliment your other marketing avenues. Have I had great successes with Youtube? Not yet. But video is a big deal and people prefer to watch a quick clip rather then read through lines of dribble. And you can use the videos in your other social media. This is where I get the most bang for my efforts.

My latest video has me describing the process behind my new novel’s title, The Blind Affect. I read from the book’s forward and offer further insight into the reasoning and rationale that gave me the poetic license to name my book The Blind Affect. It’s all very interesting and the graphics make it a bit of fun.

I hope you’ll look into The Honest Author on Youtube and follow me as I suffer through bad reviews and create stimulating visual works of art that will astound and inspire you… too much? Well, check it out and you be the judge.

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