The Grim Reaper, as perceived in The Judas Syndrome

A man, a terrorist organization, a rogue country bent on world annihilation, the Grim Reaper is a mystery.

Though touted as a mad man, coined The Grim Reaper by the media, the idea that a single man or even a small country could have the nuclear arsenal the Reaper’s blogs are suggesting seem ludicrous.

All the same, he (they) are insisting world governments dissolve, religion is removed from society, that the root of all evil is possessions, that every person should live off the land, that technology is poisoning the planet and our children’s minds. He is asking that we revert to a pre-1800’s way of life.

Though these demands would heal the planet, they would destroy the delicate infrastructure of society. The Grim Reaper blogs daily about world hunger, pollution, endangered species. He threatens a future now, where he will show the world’s leaders today what kind of a world they are creating for our children and grand children. He will release his nuclear weapons on every corner of the earth, bringing about a nuclear Armageddon, missiles removed from Iraq, pre-inspection and housed in a secret location.

To know more about this new threat to Homeland Security and the world at large, click on this link.

Michael Poeltl

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