Pitch Contest and Blog Hop

With an opportunity to get my manuscript in fron of Michelle Brower of Folio Literary Management and the chance for fellow authors to help polish my three sentence pitch, I thank you Heather Webb!

Tess, a young mother whose partner has deserted her, is on a quest for purpose. Her estranged husband, self-destructive tendencies and her own questioning nature complicate her journey in understanding why she exists and to what end. Tess must decide on how she will restore this sense of purpose in her life, and whether the urge is strong enough to take the risks necessary to discover the truth that will set her free.

Earlier attempt:
To find purpose in her crumbling day to day, Tess attempts to understand her past, while inadvertently experiencing what came before. Could a past life or lives assist in understanding this life? Is metaphor hidden in every act, every relationship, every love and every sadness, waiting to be discovered, and with that discovery a purpose take wing?

Michael Poeltl

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