New novel – Apocalyptic, but not in a global sense

The newest offering from Michael Poeltl, author of The Judas Syndrome trilogy, is a departure from the genre that has made him a name in the PA and dystopian world of YA trilogies. His new novel, as yet untitled and in its infancy, is spelled out below in a synopsis that should interest those fans of The Judas Syndrome for its paranormal content and dark investigation into human behaviour. This novel is also for those looking for a good read with interesting characters, settings and content everyone will relate to.


To find purpose in her crumbling day to day, Tess attempts to understand her past, while inadvertently experiencing what came before. Could a past life or lives assist in understanding this life?

Abandoned by her husband, Tess throws herself into a one night stand with an old acquaintance under questionable circumstances. The encounter pushes Tess to seek help for her depression and lost sense of purpose both for her sake and that of her six month old daughter. Tess knows that if she can’t find a peaceful solution to the angry voices in her head, she will lose herself and with that any chance at a normal life. 

Tess checks herself into a mental health facility in order to make sense of her devastated world, leaving her daughter with her parents. While at the hospital she meets Tebor, a man who claims to know her from a previous life, as well as a disturbed teenager whom she’s drawn to help and the psychiatrist who works with Tess to understand her past in order to heal her present.

Tebor, a constant interruption at first, becomes a confidant and friend to Tess, introducing her to Mahiva, a nurse who performs hypnosis and past life regressions on those patients willing to entertain the idea.

Meanwhile, Tess’s therapy with the psychiatrist uncovers the difficulties she experienced after her brother’s suicide; revealing a family secret she’s kept buried in her unconscious. Concurrently her estranged husband stops all contact with Tess and she is left to wonder whether they will ever be a family again..

This novel offers insights into hypnosis, past lives, discourse, discovery, love, life and the journey in which we all participate, through the telling of one woman’s life and those special souls that play a role in the evolution of her spirit, for better or for worse.

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Michael Poeltl

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