Micki Peluso of The New York Journal of Books reviews post-Apocalyptic fiction trilogy

Micki Peluso describes book one of the dystopian trilogy dealing wtih the end of the world like this: “Author Michael Poeltl brings book one of his page-turning, outstanding stories to a dramatic, unforeseen close. Spellbound readers will want to read, “Rebirth”, second in this ongoing series . . . followed by “Revelation”, the final book of this unforgettable trilogy.”

Micki Peluso reviews book two of the series like this: “Michael Poeltl writes a brilliant, riveting sequel of survival in a world gone mad. This is one book that’s impossible to put down. Readers, captivated by this story will want to rush to buy the finale . . . `Revelation’…”

And for book three of the trilogy, Micki sums up the whole series like this: “Author Michael Poeltl’s talent as a writer shines … The book races to a heart-pounding climax that will shock and surprise readers. This debut trilogy is a five star winner, reminiscent of `The Stand’ by Stephen King and the twelve books of the `Left Behind’ series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. Those enjoying this phenomenal trilogy will agree that Michael Poeltl is heading for the best seller list. It is one of the best series to surface in years.”

For more on the series, The Judas Syndrome, visit this link.

For more on Micki Peluso find her here.

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