Harold Camping back on the End of the World kick

Remember when he said the world would end in May of this year (2011)? Well, since that either didn’t happen, or we were all blissfully taken in our sleep and living in a purgatory of sorts, he’s at it again!
Even after suffering a stroke, he’s retracting that he meant the world would end that day, but rather, it was the day of judgement, and that the world will, in fact, end on Friday, October 21st.
So, eat all that Halloween candy you bought for the 31st, because it looks like you’re not going to get the chance to hand it out… or not… whatever.
I’m tired of people thinking they can predict the end of the world. Whether you believe in a wrathful God or not, or think global climate change is on the fast-track to killing us all, I, like so many intelligent people require some proof.
Faith in a book isn’t proof to me. Especially in a book that gives no date!
Faith in science is a better bet, but scientists are only human, their empirical proof can be swayed via influences like politics and money.
So, what are we going to do? Who do we listen too?

You tell me! I don’t have all the answers here. 😉 Google+

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