Enclave by Ann Aguirre – Reviewed

This novel finds the reader in the bowels of old New York, living in the tunnels of the ancient subway system. It’s an interesting and well documented example of what might happen to those left to fend for themselves in a city whose social and political construct has collapsed due to a violent strain of some virus.

These bunkers served as escapes from the virus but not from the ‘freaks’ who roam the same tunnels. Disfigured humanoids whose conception isn’t expanded on in this first book of a series, are reminiscent of zombies, dumb, hungry but with claws for fingernails.

Happily the story moves to the surface where we meet new characters and embark on an adventure that takes the two main characters through a mostly abandoned city on a journey north, where a fabled new city might exist.

The way the female lead, Deuce, discovers this new world where the sun is a threat and the wide open spaces, claustrophobic, is a testament to the way the author is able to capture the character’s innocence.  Lu expertly explains Deuce’s apprehension upon discovering anything could be so different from the darkness she’d grown up in.

I will be looking for book two of the series, as I found myself wanting as book one came to an end.

Michael Poeltl

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