Dystopian fiction for men – it’s not all about the girls

With so many dystopic and post-apocalyptic series coming out the past few years that cast female leads like Divergent and the Hunger Games, it’s difficult to find popular books for the boys. Though the stats have it that girls and women read a LOT more than the opposite sex, we guys that like our fiction dark need a few books that we can relate to as well!

That being said, The Maze Runner series offers just that. With a strong lead that is very identifiable to teenage boys and adults alike. Another dark trilogy is The Judas Syndrome, whose main character is a teen boy in book one, and book three. Faced with a dark premonition in book one, Joel, who narrates the book in first person is a care free teen waiting out the summer with his friends before heading off to college. Then a great evil shrouds the world in darkness and he and his friends have to navigate a post apocalyptic present without the aid or guidance of their families.

In book three, Lief, the son of Joel is faced with a similar premonition in the aftermath of his father’s apocalypse and all at once struggles with his destiny and humanity. A lot to put on a kid of eighteen, but definitely books the boys can sink their teeth into.

Michael Poeltl

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