Doomsday clock now at 5 minutes to midnight – Mayan calender to blame?

Scientists are saying they’ve moved the clock one minute closer to midnight because of world issues like the proliferation of nuclear weapons and social media bans in countries like Iran and Syria, but I have a feeling the Mayan calender might have a little something to do with this as well.

Not to say a scientist would ever give something like the Mayan long count calender any weight in their decision, but consider the mind-set of the people that believe in it. That’s what to watch out for this year. People are expecting the world to actually end on the winter solstice in 2012, and who knows what they will do with their ‘last year on earth’.

I’ve watched this phenomenon closely since Y2K came and went without so much as a war breaking out. It will be interesting to follow the doomsday clock  over the course of this year to see whether a rising paranoia over December 21st, 2012 offers any new threats to world peace.

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