Do you wait for the trilogy to be complete before reading?

I have a thread on Goodreads currently asking whether readers actually wait for the whole trilogy or series to be available before buying (so there isn’t that separation of years between cliff-hangers) or if they buy as they come out.
Interestingly enough, I have found roughly 60% would rather wait out the series and then start reading it.
Then I put the idea to them; What if all three books of a trilogy were combined into one book? Would that make sense? I have recieved a resounding YES!

So, now that my trilogy is complete, and the third book selling, I’m seriously considering this option of including all of The Judas Syndrome books into a complete anthology of the series, with a new cover look (which is still recognizable to the branding of the other three).

Would you buy the full series if it was offered in this one large format? Or would you rather go book to book?
Michael Poeltl

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