December, 21st, Winter Solstice, End of the World?

What will you be doing on the 21st of December this year? Consider for a moment that the Dooms-dayers are right, and the Mayan calendar ending on the winter solstice means our numbers up, what would you want to do, or who would  you want to be with when that day cometh?

If nothing else it’s a great reason to throw another holiday party, buy t-shirts for all of your friends, “I Survived December 21st, 2012” or something to that effect. Make your own wine or beer to commemorate the event by slapping on some home made labels. There’s plenty you could do in order to make the night a blast, and hey, if it really is the end of the world, at least you prepared by stocking up on Gatorade and bacon to assist in your morning hangover.

Whatever you choose to do December 21st, don’t be an idiot and break windows or turn over parked cars trying to incite riots. The last thing we need is for a bogus date for the apocalypse, based on a very old calendar that is merely starting anew as our Gregorian calendar does yearly, to spur on an actual apocalypse for anyone. The end of the world will always have  predictors, and will always be just out of reach, so treat this one like the event it is, celebrate responsibly, knowing that we’ll all survive this one, just like we have all the others, including Y2K!

Happy holidays and remember, if the 21st is the end, pick up a copy of The Judas Syndrome trilogy before too long, just in case!  😉 Michael Poeltl

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