Christmas Books

Christmas Books

Christmas books don’t have to be about Christmas, they just need to be bought for Christmas. So if you’re looking for a new book to act as a Christmas present for your loved one, look no further!

I have a compilation of 14 books ranging in genres for every book lover on your Christmas list this year. From the A.I. Insurrection series, which falls comfortably into science fiction books, to West of Noreaso, which is a classic Portal Fantasy book for kids of all ages.

Are you looking for a bit of Family drama and heavy subject matter? Pick up The Blind Affect. Want some Detective fiction with a real twist? You’ll find that in the pages of Killing karma.

Her Past’s Present is a slice of life – albeit a dysfunctional one, that includes regression therapy. The Judas Syndrome trilogy is the Apocalyptic fiction that sling-shot the genre back into the mainstream long before The Hunger Games and The Road.

An Angry Earth offers environmentalists the perfect illustrated bedtime story for the kids, while Waning Metaphorically is a compilation of 14 short stories to keep your mind occupied for short spurts.

Maybe you’re up for some spirit science. The Hello Me series allows kids an opportunity to learn how to be their best selves through scientific and spiritual guidance.

Whomever your Christmas book gifting recipient, gifting books from my collection allows you to choose from multiple genres to satisfy every taste.