A Timely Story For A Pandemic

A Timely Story For A Pandemic

How has the pandemic hit you?

I know for some people this pandemic has been crushing. Not physically, as I honestly don’t know a soul who has tested positive, but mentally, the fallout has been difficult on many in my circles, myself included. Now, I’m no extrovert, and in times like these, I’m grateful for my tendencies to stay out of the public eye. I’m a classic introvert who is balanced by his occasional (inner) extrovert. Therefore, the lock-downs have been okay for me but still, enough is enough. I am blessed to have my little family and I Zoom with friends and extended family irregularly, but it’s all I require.

It’s those who truly miss going out and being with people who are hit hardest by this, I think. Those trapped in bad relationships, and those single – living alone. For them, I am truly sorry.

How this story affects COVID-19

Though it’s a timely story for a pandemic, I began to write The Blind Affect months before COVID-19 was a thing, and wrote the rest of the book, edited it, looked for representation, and had it beta read all during the pandemic. I’d put together a marketing plan and built out social media collateral to support the cover reveal and book release. Now that I am nearing the end of my journey with this novel, I realize how relatable the story’s message is to our current situation. Loss of purpose has fed anxieties over the future, loss of loved ones has helped us appreciate those still with us, and the loss of a social life has weighed on our minds.

Regardless of the difficulties, we have to remember that no life is wasted. That no act is unfelt. That life is more than the sum of our experiences. Life is interconnected. Our actions, no matter how small or overlooked still effect the world and those we share it with.

Can you make sense of your life by reading this?

The Blind Affect is a timely story for a pandemic but doesn’t involve a pandemic, but it does include three very different people whose shared experience affects each in different ways, drawing them together to make sense of their lives and of those they’ve lost along the way. No one is truly alone. We all suffer our shared humanity, and if we’re lucky, we can make some sense of our day-to-day before it’s too late.

The Blind Affect is being called the story we all need to hear right now and will be available to read June, 22nd and up for pre-order right now.

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