The Road, The Movie – no budget for marketing

I have yet to see it, but I think if I wasn’t already a fan of the book and eagerly awaiting the movies release I would never have known when, or if it was coming out.
The Marketing powers that be have walked off the set on this one. Such great actors and from the trailer the FX look incredible, but where’s the publicity? I know the story is amazing and the telling of it was beautiful, Cormack McCarthy should be very proud. But why hasn’t the studio done anything to promote the film?
Seriously, I have not seen one commercial or one radio spot in an effort to promote The Road. The book got all the help it could ever ask for being chosen as a book on Opera’s book club, but why, why haven’t they pumped this movie up? 2012 did incredibly well, and I’m sure that was in large part because of the advertising dollars sunk into it.

I don’t get it, this will be twice the film 2012 was and no one is promoting it. Shame on Dimension Films.

I will definitely be reviewing The Road. Look for an earlier blog where I review the book.

In any case, the movie is out now and the trailer can be found here:

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