New York Times Bestseller – Apocalyptic Fiction and The Judas Syndrome

So how long does it take for a book or series to become a best seller in the New York Times?
Is it a numbers thing? Sure, that makes sense, right? A best selling book is one that many thousands of people have purchased. But what about indie authors, and self published authors? What about those that are selling ebooks on-line and with no one counting their sales but themselves?

I know several authors doing just that. Selling hundreds of copies a month. When will they be recognized for their literary contributions?

Well, I’ve just found out that the NY Times will be creating a sellers list of ebooks best ! Where they’ll get their numbers I’m not sure. Will Amazon and KOBO and Nook release that information to them? Why not? It means more revenue for them.

The Judas Syndrome series is selling well right now across multiple ebook sites, but will it hit the NY Times best sellers list for ebooks? Yes, it will, but perhaps it will take a little more time.

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