The Judas Syndrome

The trilogy that started it all. The love it or hate it read of 2009 – 2012. I have it represented here in trilogy form. This is because I think if you’re going to read it, you should read all of it. Yes, The Judas Syndrome was conceived, written and published with only one book in mind. But as happens, the writer wasn’t prepared to leave the world he’d created. As it turned out, neither were the fans. It was easy to revisit the book and move the story along with Rebirth. This is where Sara’s voice took the place of Joel’s. Then Revelation came along introducing Leif, Sara and Earl as the narrators to end the series definitively. Or so I thought. Fan fiction is an interesting phenomenon.

Post Apocalyptic Trilogy

The Trilogy That Started it All

The Judas Syndrome Book One. Comparisons between the fractured world outside and the world of the mind beg the question: which will collapse first in this coming of age story, told at the end of an age. Classic YA fiction.
The Judas Syndrome Book 2. Rebirth, is the continuation of the popular post-apocalyptic tale that one Facebook reviewer called “a stark and uncompromising vision of the future of our world.
The Judas Syndrome Book 3. Born into the violent chaos of post-apocalyptic North America, eighteen-year-old Leif has been told his entire life that he has a crucial role to play in humanity’s future. To achieve that end, he must elevate himself above all normal human sentiment, as attachment and fear are obstacles to his greater purpose.