The end could come in 2020

Taken from the website:

“More than a third of Americans in a new poll expect the United States to be involved in a nuclear war during the next 50 years. A majority of Americans, 56 percent, think overpopulation will be a major problem in the next 50 years and cause a strain on food and resources. About the same number think there will be an epidemic worse than AIDS in that period, health care will be less affordable and the crime rate will grow higher.
Almost two-thirds, 64 percent, think there will probably be a major terrorist attack on the U.S involving biological or chemical weapons. About the same number fear the world is likely to face a major energy crisis and environmental problems may be a major threat.
Still, seven out of 10 people in a poll by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press say they are hopeful about life in the new millennium.
That hopeful outlook is promoted by their faith in science, technology, medicine and higher education.”Forecasters fear 2020, when computing power EQUIVALENT TO THE HUMAN BRAIN is expected to cost about $1,000. 2040 is even more frightening with ALL the brainpower in the U.S. available for $1,000. Many, including the Wired Cassandra, Bill Joy, (the main contributor to the non-Microsoft operating systems world), see this as likely to lead to human extinction.

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