Test yourself on the coming apocalypse

Looking to kill some time? Want to rate your survivability in the face of the coming apocalypse? Click here and take a test designed to see how well you would fair in the apocalypse.
Of course this is only a test and no one can actually tell you exactly what will happen, how it will happen or when it will happen. But I took the test and scored a miserable 39% chance of surviving the end times.
I like to think my odds would be better than that but I think a person would have to have no attachments, live in the country and have a vast warehouse of canned goods and a truck load of ammunition to make it through the 7 years the bible suggests the apocalypse will take to run its course.
But whether the words in the bible are truth or the words of Nostradamus or any of the other ‘seers’ that have prophesized the coming apocalypse we’ll only know when it is upon us. Fact is – it’s coming and no one can be truly prepared enough. Though I heard that Tom Cruise is building a bunker on his Californian property for just such an occasion – better hope he’s not half way around the world shooting a film when it all comes down.

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