Betelgeuse and the end of the world.

Betelgeuse is a giant red star that is dying.

Some predict it will go supernova over the course of the next 18 months. But could this be the cause of the Apocalypse some say the Mayan calender predicts? The Mayans were masters of astronomy, and it is considered scientific fact that Betelgeuse is very close to dying. But it is 640 light years away, and would have had to have actually blown its top in the 5th century for us to see it next year, and then what damage could it do to us?

None. It would rain down neutrinos at worst, which are harmless. So my opinion (after reading several articles on the subject) is that this could not cause an Apocalypse here on earth, but could it signal one? Who knows. Either way, read the book that will help you make sense of the end times before they come knocking. The Judas Syndrome – by Michael Poeltl

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