You can give a Kindle with a full compliment of ebooks!

This holiday season, why give a kindle or ebook reader without the recipients favorite genre already installed and ready to read? Surprise them!

Do they love post-apocalyptic stories? There are countless opportunities to include this genre into their Kindle. And sure, you could offer the Hunger Games Trilogy for a bunch of money, knowing they’ve likely read it already, or you could offer them an indie author trilogy for a quarter of the price. Something they’ve never heard of in the mainstream, like The Judas Syndrome. This is a ready made trilogy which has received several five and four star ratings. Book two and three of the series are equally loved and will cost you under $10.00 for the set.

I think the added surprise of not only receiving the ereader but also realizing it is full of books targeted to that person is a fun and inspired idea for holiday gift giving.

Remember, indie authors have a lot to offer and for a fraction of the cost of traditionally published authors. We were all indie authors once. Even those blockbusters that turned into movies were once authored by someone with no representation and zero edits…

Give a an #indieauthor a shot this Christmas, and give a dozen books rather than just one or two when wrapping up your Kindle.

Michael Poeltl 

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