The Hello Me series is a labour of love, which mirrors my opinion on the metaphysical world. For me, science and spirituality share the same plane of existence and you can experience this miraculous revelation if you’re open to it. Fact supports spirit. Metaphysics and Spirit Science combine in this book where I help explain this concept to children. You can decide whether it makes sense.

To the parent or guardian: we want our children to thrive but if they’re not given the tools to understand their power, how can they? Understanding the metaphysical world and its connection to the physical is an important step. Creating the life they want takes a practiced mind accepting of its unlimited power to manifest the life they want.

Spirit science
Science has proven that everything we can experience with our five senses is made of pure energy at the quantum level. Science also tells us that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Energy is constant, and exists in two states: Potential and Kinetic energy. Discover how this science explains the immortality of our spirit.
We have great aspirations for our children, but if they lack the life tools to put their dreams into action, then our hopes for the next generation fall short of them realizing their potential. Through the understanding that science is spiritualty’s greatest champion, that the two do not need to be separate- have never been separate – this book becomes your child’s tool to realizing a better life. Empower your children by teaching them about the power within to create a happy and fulfilling life. We’re the architects of our own lives, and the sooner we grasp that fact, the sooner we realize happiness and success.

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