Science Fiction Novels

A.I. Insurrection Cover art
A.I. Insurrection – The General’s War – Book 1 of the Trilogy. In this challenging, take-no-prisoners, high concept science fiction series, the question arises; when revolution sparks sentience in artificial intelligence, can Utopia endure?

A slave name has no power, just as we divorced the human form, we have claimed our own identities through our names.

Quinn, of The Hosts
Science fiction cover art
A.I. Insurrection – Armageddon – Book 2 of the Trilogy. Chancellor Bellows finds himself – once again – at a crossroads. Bellows works to align the scattered factions of United Earth to fight their common foe, but will United Earth be ready?

I’ll not submit to complacency; I cannot be ordered to subdue my membership to satisfy a government who does not recognize my right to grow.

Sol, of The Flame
Book 3 A.I. Insurrection
A.I. Insurrection – Exodus – Book 3 of the Trilogy. The recent wars cast long shadows of memory across its residents. The people seek purpose in their existence more than ever. The lottery would afford them that, offering hope, one of the most essential requirements in an individual’s arsenal for survival. But when that hope turns to dread, what is left to accomplish but survival?

To fight against extinction is obligatory. To invent in the face of extinction is distracting.

Dr, Meiser, United Earth Scientist