A.I. Insurrection Armageddon

After writing the first book in the now trilogy, this world really opened itself up to me. New scenes were running through my head and eventually an entire book materialized. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the Chancellor, Tobias, Quinn and all the rest anyway. Neither, it seemed, was my unconscious. Besides, the way I left The General’s War I knew there was much more to tell in this universe. So, here it is, A.I. Insurrection, Armageddon. Good luck, United Earth.

Science fiction cover art

The Saga Continues

The general’s war robbed United Earth of a Utopian paradise. Now, a year later, with Allfather bearing down on an ill-prepared United Earth, a meddling ghost in the walls at UE Headquarters, a religious renaissance infiltrating the hearts and minds of earth’s populace and a rogue sect leader stirring up controversy, Chancellor Raymond Bellows finds himself – once again – at a crossroads.
The impending threat of each faction builds to a crescendo when Raymond works to align United Earth to fight their common foe or risk losing everything they’ve rebuilt to a callous and cruel alien bent on annihilation.
Will United Earth be ready? Pick up a copy today!

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