Winning on the ratings game with Indy Sci-fi

It can be said that a smaller number of reviews and ratings still reflects a book’s worth. Whether you have over 100,000 reviews or under 100, the book is honestly represented by the reviews and ratings it has garnished. When looking for a book, reviews are important. They give a potential reader an idea of how someone else perceived the work. Even bad reviews from the right person will sway someone else to buy a book in spite of their scathing review.

Regardless, just because a book has 10,000 more reviews than another, as long as there are enough to offer an unbiased rating, I believe a potential reader can look at the star rating and feel confident in its rank. Of course, there are those who buy reviews. That’s never a good practice and Amazon knows how to deal with those. Then once it’s wiped from your book’s page you’re out a glowing review and over $100.
Still, not everyone reads reviews or would want to read over 100, so that’s why I decided to create a video series where I read the reviews I’ve received for my latest book, A.I. Insurrection. It’s a fun way to offer potential readers opinions on my book in short spurts.
Every author loves to see a new review or rating arrive for their book. It’s exciting. Reading a bad review is a bit deflating, but you can’t put something out there if you haven’t grown a thick enough skin to take the abuse a review can offer. I’ve grown a reasonably thick layer to repel the tears in my time, but the sensation lingers when bad reviews surface. Not every book I write is for everyone. I’d love to think otherwise but, oh well.
In any event, I haven’t received many truly bad reviews, but some are on the edge of complimentary and derogatory. So that makes it a bit of fun for the viewer while I read them aloud. Check out some of my videos on Youtube or my author page on facebook.

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