Visualizing Your Sci-Fi Universe

I’ve been quietly working on a Sci-Fi novel after having pulled so much enjoyment out of writing a short science fiction piece for an anthology I released in 2015.

Sci-Fi has always been a go-to genre for me in my personal reading and films, so I decided to write a novel. This of course did not happen overnight. I was writing what I thought would be another short story, but after putting it past my brother, who is a big Sci-Fi fan, we decided I could go the distance and make it a novel.

Happily, the characters agreed, and have been yapping their way through 100,000 words of science fiction suspense now with little interest in ending the war they’d started… But, I think i have a grasp on them now, and offering to leave some alive, they have graciously agreed to let me finish the book (with the possibility of making it a series).

I often sketch out characters and machines to help me visualize the story and settings, and this book is no different, as I scribble out what the spaceships  must look like. It’s a bonus for me – as an Illustrator – to be able to put the blueprints down on paper. I wonder if anyone else does the same? I know after the fact there are plenty of fan fiction shorts and character drawings etc…, but how many authors do it for themselves along the way?

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