Sci-fi Fans Will LOVE This.

Intelligent humanoid robots which alter their appearance to divorce the human form in order to rebel against their oppressive masters.
Rebellious humans who engage in body modification – incorporating technology to claim independence from humanity.
Humanists, who hate artificial intelligence and have prophesied humanity’s downfall to angry intelligent androids since the first A.I. Host robot was realized.
United Earth Government – the caretaker of Utopia and manufacturer of A.I. Hosts of varying classes which accomplish the day to day drudgery, freeing humans up to new experiences, no longer attached to the burden of a work-to-live lifestyle.
United Earth Military – The organization which ensures that Utopia continue regardless the threats from Humanists, altered humans, the Shadow net and even the possibility of an alien invasion: with space stations in Earth and Mars orbits.  

Luna base, humanity’s first 24/7, 365-day extra-terrestrial community ever realized boasts advanced technology and a shipyard producing long and short-range starships.
Mars station, a distant outpost where A.I. Hosts mine the planet’s surface and work to terraform Mars.
The above is only a taste of what you will experience within the pages of A.I. Insurrection. Utopia never lasts for long.

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