The Judas Syndrome – The Movie as directed by Tim Burton

The fictional take on the end of the world as told through the eyes of a teenage survivor will be a movie.
The Judas Syndrome will star Robert Pattinson as the lead character, Joel, and his love interest, Sara will be played by Dakota Fanning .
The Judas Syndrome’s supporting cast of characters are as follows: Conner, Joel’s best friend will be played by Jacob Kraemer , Earl, the gun touting friend will be played by Daniel Nicholas Patrick Samonas , Conner’s love interest will be played by Emma Roberts while Joel’s drug addicted friend Jake will be played by Matthew Underwood . Sonny, Joel’s muscled buddy will be played by Liam Hemsworth, John will be played by Aaron Perry Johnson while his girlfriend, Caroline is played by Hayden Leslie Panettiere . Kevin, Joel’s artistic friend will be played by Brian Vainberg , Seth played by Jake Thomas , Freddy, whose motto is binge and purge will be played by charlie mcdermott . Gils character will be played by John Jacob William Smith . Sidney’s character will be played by Corbin Bleu and finally Tom’s character will be played by Dean RIchard Collins.
The groups enemy in this Apocalyptic setting will be played by
Johnny Depp , as Gareth.

This Movie, based on the Book The Judas Syndrome by Michael Poeltl is purely a fantasy vision of what the author would like to see the book become on the big screen.
Tim Burtons impressive ability to bring dark stories to life is the foundation to making The Judas Syndrome a truly inspired film. The actors chosen for the roles of the characters are based on the actors prior works, their physical relation to the stories characters and for three of the main characters, their ability to sell tickets.

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