The new sun cycle may be what the Mayan were talking about

The suns cycles have been very important to humanity, and have been tracked by all races, none more so then the Mayan. With the Mayan long count calender coming to an end, we look to the sun to find clues as to whether it’s changing cycle is part of their prediction.
Visit the following link to make up your own mind about the suns effect on the planet.

More information on this possible direction, when talking about the end of the world, or the apocalypse, can be found here: This website offers all sorts of information pertaining to the 2012 phenomenon we’ll be facing in the next three years.

It’s an exciting time, what with the solar system aligning with the galactic centre and the sun moving into its 24th cycle (recorded). Lots of things might happen, nothing might happen, but if the sun has a stormy cycle lots of things can happen.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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