HEAL on Netflix and the Hello Me Series of Children’s Books

Have you watched HEAL on Netflix yet? If you have then you already know what it’s about and probably should look into some books which support the idea that science and spirituality are one and the same. Science is catching up in realizing its connection to the spiritual or mental realm, and in HEAL, we see that. Books like If a Tree Falls in the Forest and E=Me are two books developed in 2014 which essentially tell the story through graphic illustrations and clear language how science is not at odds with spirituality, but rather its greatest champion.

HEAL reveals stories from spiritual leaders, physicians and those with chronic illnesses about the power of thought affecting our physical bodies and even circumstances which occur around us or to us. This isn’t new thinking. The same information has been passed down thousands of years through practices like meditation and religious thought. What you think creates your reality. If you’re sick, consider practising meditation as well as seeing your doctor.  Science is proving the power of the mind to affect the body. HEAL on Netflix offers a window into that truth.

I always wonder what if when I think about how much more confident or healthy a life I’d have led had I been brought up with meditation and Yoga and positive thinking practices. Not to say I had a bad childhood. Not at all. But being raised Christian left me feeling guiltier about everything rather than grateful for everything. I decided in my early 20’s that organized religion was more a way to rule than to teach. And what they taught was done in such a way that it left a negative impression rather than a positive one. Heaven and Hell is Christianity’s biggest mistake. You can’t give people hope by preaching fear. It’s in no one’s best interest. Teach with love.

If you believe in this line of thought and if you have children, or even if you don’t, I’d urge you to pick up the Hello Me series of two books to promote positive thought in your kids. If they lack the life tools to put their dreams into action, I worry we’re failing them from the start.

Michael Poeltl is a multi-genre author whose books – both fiction and non-fiction –  investigate the relationship between science and spirituality.

Go in peace.

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