A Finished Trilogy to Read

Looking for a completed trilogy to entertain yourself over the next few weeks? Maybe you only need days to consume a full trilogy, but regardless of how quickly you read, and perhaps because of how quickly, a completed trilogy is always a welcome sight to the veracious reader.

Why wait a year in-between books of a series when there are quality reads like The Judas Syndrome Trilogy available for your Minds eye right now!? This trilogy is rooted in classic Apocalyptic fiction: no zombies, no aliens, no plants devouring your young. This is a tale that breeches generations and is born of an apocalyptic event which finds fourteen teenagers on the cusp of entering college caught up in the aftermath.
It is a tale which develops lead characters and is told in first person. Each of the books features a different lead character as the first person narrative, yet strings some of the characters along for the full trilogy.
The Judas Syndrome is a fascinating look at what a group of teens might do in the face of a worldwide nuclear attack, and what those they stumble upon will do to survive.
The trilogy features a wide array of characters and there is no shortage of in-fighting, even amongst these ‘friends’. But as the author quotes: “It’s the end of the world, will you know who your friends are?”  
Find the books on Amazon in both printed and ebook formats. Start your summer off with a ‘BANG’ and get to know Joel, Sara and Leif through the intimate story-telling that is first person narrative.
The entire ebook library of the trilogy is just $7.97
The books have also been consolidated into a single tome in paperback only for only $22.00.

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