A Picture Book about Ignorance and the Apocalypse – For Kids!

So this is happening: A picture book for kids featuring the consequences of  their actions against the earth – of all of our actions. It’s not going to be colourful and cheery. it’s going to be dark and brooding. It’s going to be what will happen if we don’t change the way we’re treating Mother earth. I say scare them into change. our generation has taken and taken, and I see the same pattern in our children. They litter without thought. They are not being taught how to be kind to the earth and if they are they don’t care. The book starts like this:

 There was a time when humanity believed the world rode upon the back of a giant turtle who swam through the constellations. A metaphor which suggested the world was alive – and it is alive. Each species has its role in sustaining our delicate eco-system. You included. You, the most advanced of all life on earth.
You; who Mother earth has entrusted with her welfare. You.

But what happens when you use Mother earth and plunder her natural resources, poisoning her rivers and oceans with chemicals and plastics, clear cutting ancient forests and dumping carbon monoxide into the atmosphere? Are you always asking for more and giving nothing in return?
Would you kill the turtle whose back you lived on to live more comfortably if you could not swim? There are consequences to your actions and inactions, and this story illustrates what happens when the earth says: ENOUGH!

Stay with me as I finish this book and within the month there ought to be an announcement for advanced purchasing opportunities.

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