PBS and the Apocalypse

Here is a site that is very well put together and answers a lot of questions while offering plenty of new information on the Apocalypse – from its origins to the end times. PBS – Apocalypse includes interviews with historians and scholars on 2000 years of millennial beliefs and events.
They also discuss in detail that of all of the books in the Bible, none has fired the Western imagination more than Revelations.

This site offers a report on the rise of the Antichrist as a central figure in end time scenarios and portrays Apocalypticism’s fierce beasts, wild imagery and end time prophets and events over 2500 years of predictions.
Scholars assess apocalypticism and the American psyche, and what happens after the year 2000….
Check it out. And while you’re at it check out the newest offering into the apocalyptic theatre The Judas Syndrome

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