The Nostradamus Effect – History Channel

Of the last three episodes I’ve seen, I like it. It’s dark and brooding and last nights episode tackled the 2012 dilemma. They offered supporting prophesy from the I-Ching and a couple of pot heads from the 70’s that would get messed up and see the future.
Other than that they used the Maya long count calender (as they all do) and the Hopi Indian prophesies of the end of the fourth world (in which we currently exist) and of course our old friend Nostradamus.
It’s all starting to really blur together now though, all these 2012 (End of the World) shows. Same ‘experts’ and the same prophesies. I’d love it if a show actually gave us something new to think about. Or how about something positive? Does the world need to end badly? Couldn’t the end mean the beginning of something wonderful? I mean, the world’s always been a tough – if not horrible place to live for the majority of the populace. Maybe the end of that would be a good thing… So maybe it will be a good thing?
Either way, it seems even the Internet ‘bots’ are saying bad things will happen in 2012. Well, bad things happen every year, but so do good things.

If you love the genre, read the quintessential Apocalyptic drama:

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