Movies in the Apocalypse

With movies like Resident Evil ‘Extinction’, 28 Weeks Later, The Children of Men, and countless other apocalyptic themed films surfacing in the media it is easy to see that the genre is experiencing a renaissance of sorts.
The idea that our society has come to the point of extinction by our own hands is a very popular one right now. A few years ago it was asteroids and comets crashing into the earth, now it has reverted to our own undoing through technology, disease, war or worse.
The idea that we will die is scary enough, but to think that the whole human race with all we’ve achieved will disappear is a catastrophe of biblical proportions as in The Children of Men, where the human race has lost the ability to reproduce. That there would be nothing left and no one left to carry on is a hopelessly depressing vision, a future where nothing will have ever mattered.
The genre is dark, but it offers a myriad of interesting questions and juxtapositions for a writer.

Apocalyptic fiction at its best, this will be the quintessential Apocalyptic novel.

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