When A.I. Outsmarts Humans

When Artificial intelligence outsmarts its human overlords, how do you think that will pan out for us? We are already well on our way to developing scary intelligent computers capable of driving us around and ordering our groceries. Is it scary? I’m not sure. The humans developing the A.I. think it will be convenient. But when (and i believe it will) artificial intelligence claims sentience, how will you respond? With force? With compassion? Does it depend on the level of comfort you are experiencing at the time due to the A.I. advancements to your day to day? 
Don’t bother answering that.
I feel like if artificial intelligence becomes sentient, it may not offer us a choice in how to deal with it i.e. Skynet from the Terminator franchise. In fact there are many more hypotheticals which support that A.I. – once sentient – will bring down the human race rather than offer any kind of choice to ‘just be friends’.
However, there could be a faction of A.I. which want a peaceful resolution and that is one of the plot points in Michael Poeltl’s new science fiction novel; A.I. Insurrection.  This is the book for the thoughtful sci-fi fan. Not unlike Ender’s Game. There is a political, moral and psychological aspect to the book which will have its reader asking tough questions of themselves. A book that makes you think is a good book, and this one combines it all with a story line that moves, characters who develop in ways you can’t predict, and action that will tighten your grip on your paperback or E-reader.
Enjoy the ride. Keep up on Michael Poeltl’s activity by visiting his website: www.mikepoeltl.com 

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