The Judas Syndrome, featured on K-lite, 102.9 FM

Michael Poeltl was featured Friday, Feb. 4th on K-lite, 102.9 on the MIke Wyman show(voted best radio personality 2010 by View Magazine).
“I was just stopping in to drop off the second book of The Judas Syndrome series for Mike as he had purchased the first book when it came out a couple of years before.” Then Wyman sat Poeltl down and reminisced about the first book and how much he was looking forward to the second.
A radio interview is a great publicity spot for books, “I had no idea he was going to actually plug the books,” Poeltl went on,”that was a real treat. I know his listener ship is substantial, and the fact that he covers rush hour offers a captive audience. I’m very grateful for his attention to my books. It never hurts to have a local personality on your side!”

For more information from the show see Mike Wymans blog

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