Halloween Book Signing In Burlington, Indigo

Halloween day, October 31st, 2015 from 1 – 5 pm – Michael Poeltl, Author and Illustrator of the modern classic: West of Noreaso will be appearing at the !ndigo book store at 1250 Brant Street in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, 
“It’s perfect timing,” explains Poeltl, “As the young reader novella itself is set around Halloween.”
Poeltl’s own love for the creepy holiday is apparent
as he describes the book’s main theme: Superstition.

“I love the concept of superstition; the way people believe if they do something, or don’t do it, that something good or bad might happen to them, or someone they love; like their Mother. Where does a concept like ‘step on a crack and break your Mother’s back‘ originate? And why?!”

The angle Poeltl take’s in telling his story steeped in superstitions and set on a stormy Halloween evening, is to introduce two young siblings, Jackson and Eloise, pull them from everything they know, and drop them into a land ruled by superstition.

“Then the children have to navigate their way back home, but all the while, adhering to the rules of the land West of Noreaso,” How do they do that? “Upon entering this new realm, the children encounter three sheep. They think they must have wandered from their shepherd, but soon discover that the sheep would be their shepherds there. That Jackson and Eloise could understand them when they spoke, and that they were trapped in a world they know nothing about.

To support his appearance, Poeltl will be marketing the the event on social networks and including an infographic highlighting some of the superstitions examined in the book. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet and a have your edition of West of Noreaso signed. Pick up a copy at a 45% discount. Saturday, October 31st only! If yo have to miss it, you can always pick one up from Amazon in print or Kindle versions.

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