Book trailers act just like movie trailers, only for books!

I like book trailers for their ability to offer short visuals with enough information and story-telling to give the viewer a reason to go pick up the book.

I don’t necessarily want the trailer to give away too much, especially where the characters and settings are concerned, as I like to conjure those images up on the merit of the writing. In this, my most recent book trailer, I decided to offer each title of the fourteen short stories included within the anthology in a unique, whimsical, yet memorable way.

This is my first time appearing in one of my book trailers. I like how it turned out, and how approachable it makes me seem. And I am approachable! Especially where my books are concerned. I know I like to learn about the author of a book i’m about to read. Being featured in the book’s trailer gives the reader a better idea of, if nothing else, the number of facial expressions I’m capable of.

I hope you enjoy the trailer for its whimsy, and pick up the book for its content. Fourteen multi-genre stories await your instant gratification. For even more on me, the author, you can check out my website:

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